As more and more people work from home, here are some of the key features to keep the productivity and versatility of the home office space.

The pandemic has turned the Corporate world on its head, as millions of workers were made to temporarily work from home. And even as restrictions ease, the interest in more permanent work-from-home is high among employees and it is also becoming more readily accepted by the companies.

The work-from-home policies bring a lot more flexibility for workers. But it has also brought the need for better home-office setups. The kitchen table or the couch that was serving the purpose during the pandemic cannot be a long-term solution.

Features one should consider for the new home if you are planning to work-from-home full time

First and foremost, ensure that there must be a dedicated home office space, if your budget allows, rather than putting a desk in the corner of any room. Having a separate space/room creates a clear professional mindset not to mention a more professional background for all those video calls you will be taking. Giving the mind a separate living space will help you ease the distractions.

Within that dedicated space, try the below features:


If you share your home with children and/or pets, consider extra soundproofing for the home office to help block out the noise. Ensure the door of the room is also sound controlled.


Ensure that there is ample natural light infiltrating the space, in order to boost your mood and reduce the need for artificial lighting. When you are planning the room with your architect, update him on where you want to place your desk, and ensure that sunlight won’t be hitting the computer screen directly thus creating a glare.


Include a closet with built-in shelves, so that most of the files and supplies are out of sight keeping the desk and head free of clutter. The closet will make the room look more flexible.

Some other features in the home that can help you with remote work:


Depending on the size of your home, WiFi boosters must be needed to ensure you have got a strong signal if you are in your office or getting cozy on the couch.


If you have a hard time sitting on the same chair all day and want to turn towards the kitchen or other area for a change of scenery, so make sure there are ample electrical outlets for you and the rest of the family.


Poor indoor air quality index can cause short-term (e.g., eye irritation, colds) as well as long-term (e.g., respiratory disease) health effects. So, Consider a mechanical ventilation system, such as a heat recovery ventilator or an energy recovery ventilator, that exchanges the polluted indoor air with fresh outdoor air keeping the home fresh and making the home environment healthy.

Working from home can bring tremendous benefits, but also can disturb the work-life balance. Have a Smart design and thoughtful decision ahead of time that can help in ensuring a professional environment and maintains the comforts of home.