If you are considering a building or buying a new house, you might have come across the terms custom homes and spec homes. What is the difference and what’s right for you?

The answer is how much freedom of choice and uniqueness do you want about the design and features of your new home?


Spec homes are built by a builder without a specific owner in mind or their involvement. The builder determines the style and layout based on current market trends and what they believe will appeal to buyers. Depending on at what time stage you are involved with purchasing the home, you might have the opportunity to choose from an interior layout where modification can be done at that time, as well as from a selection of color and product options, but your choice at period will be limited. In most cases, the spec houses are built as per the common requirements but aren’t typically customized to the lot one can sit on.

A spec house could be a great house but it will not be unique or uniquely yours as you might be expecting.


A custom home is built according to your tastes and needs. You can make decisions on almost all the elements of the home, from its style to the level of insulation needed in the walls and to the number of outlets required in the kitchen to the precise finish of the bathroom faucets and the color options to the layout of tile. The designer will work with you to choose what elements will suit your lifestyle and your individual needs.

Planning to live after retirement? Make sure the doors and shower entry are wide enough in case future challenges require a walker or wheelchair. kids who loved to do their homework in the kitchen. A custom home can help in allowing some extra outlets.

The Cooking Lovers. The designer can help you to maximize your work triangle and get the best for your appliances, countertops, and, cabinetry. Worried about energy efficiency? Upgrade walls with a higher R-value and have a design expert who will let you go through different window and roof options.

A custom home will be designed specifically for your needs, rather than trying to put everything in an existing home design. Designers can modify the floor plan that will best suit the size, shape, and amenities. For a property that is too close to the neighbors, the builder can easily rearrange the windows or entire rooms in order to maximize your privacy. And the same processes can overcome steep slopes, narrow lots, and other challenges.

If you have saved for years to buy that forever home you have been dreaming of, we will make sure it is truly the dream home. Building a custom home requires slightly more investment in time and money, but we will ensure you will get exactly what you desire from the modern lines of the roof to the modern soak tub.