As the company grows, the commercial building tends to show signs of age. The older building gets less energy efficient, and many times it may no longer meet the fire as well as the building code, or it might no longer meet your business needs due to lack of space. At this time, you have to take a decision on what to do to ensure the building remains functional, useful, pleasing, and has friendly working conditions. At times, the decision is to make between renovating, remodeling or rebuild comes. Many people are not aware of the difference between these options and cannot decide which is the right option for them. DCJ Development can help you make the best decision at this point in time.


A renovation means restoring the building if it is in a good state of repair. This is the least incursive option among the renovation, remodel and rebuild options. A renovation involves making smaller fixes to a building that help to repair and improve the beauty of the building.

If the building is in need of some repairs, such as updating some electrical work, patching the cracking walls, and replacing the worn floor, then renovating is the right option for you. The layout and design of the building remain the same. The building is repaired, restored, and exquisite changes are made to make the building look better and repair minor problems within the building, and keep it in proper working condition.


Remodeling involves changing the complete structure or the layout. This means that walls will be moved, the flow of the building is changed or the structure of the space needs some changes.

If the building was originally designed for many smaller offices, but you now have a large company that wants to move in, then remodeling can help you blow out the walls and create more open floor plans for the larger tenant that wants to move in. Also, if the building is old and no longer has the requirement for many bathrooms, or it does not meet the natural disaster building code in your area, then remodeling the structure is needed to ensure it meets the code as well as is safe for the occupants.


Rebuilding means completely removing the existing building and constructing a new one from scratch. Rebuilding is the most costly and time-consuming option.

Rebuilding is the best option if renovating or remodeling the structure cost more than rebuilding the complete building or the structure is beyond repair. If a building is no longer structurally safe or does not pass the structural test, then removing the building may be the appropriate option. If you want the building to be smaller or larger than the current layout, then changing the entire layout or design, then rebuilding is the best choice.

If you have an older building that needs to be given a new life or to make it compliant with the new building regulations call us now as our group can take care of it from end to end. We can assist you to decide whether to renovate, remodel, or rebuild as per your needs and requirements. Call us today to get the free quotation.