If you are building a new home or a new commercial construction project, there you have a decision to make. Either you should hire a general contractor who will take care of the complete project or you take on the task singlehandedly. There are pros and cons to both methods. Looking at the benefits of each will help you decide which is the better option. Below are a few of the benefits of both.

Benefits of Doing It By Yourself

-> Could Save Money
The benefit of overseeing the project is, that it may save you some money. This is because you will pay the contractor a fee for the services. From there, they will subcontract out work to other contractors based on tasks needed and those to be completed in the given time. But, always be practical about just how much money you can save by doing it yourself. Some people forget the major factor the time and the discounts a general contractor get for them as they purchase the items directly from dealers. While some websites can encourage you to save thousands of dollars for being your own project manager, the amount of money you save is generally small.

-> Control Over Project
The other benefit is that you have complete control of the entire project. It makes you the in charge of all the sub-contractors of all the work and hiring every professional. If you love to manage the entire project, then you may have problems authorizing and passing them off to a project manager.

Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

-> Saves Your Time
The benefit of hiring a general contractor is, that it can save you precious time. Depending on the size and the scope of the project, a general contractor can easily work full-time hours. If you have a regular job or a family, it can be time-consuming to hire sub-contractors, follow the project, and order supplies as needed. You need to be practical about the time you can invest in the project as well as looking after your job as well as the family. If you can’t invest the time that is needed, a general contractor is the recommended option.

-> Getting Discounts
Another benefit of hiring a contractor is that they negotiate discounts for sub-contractors, other supplies, and labor. As they have worked with all of the professionals and suppliers on a regular basis on a variety of projects. Also, they help them in getting discounts as they buy in bulk and do regular business with them.

Managing the Work Efficiently
Hiring a general contractor helps in managing the workflow in an efficient manner. Taking on the task yourself can come to a standstill if there is a delay in supplies, or when permits need to be pulled or inspections need to be done if you do not have the right sub-contractors on your side. This helps things to be in a smooth flow, and also helps to keep the costs down.

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