When it comes to decorating spaces, wallpaper is easy and an effective way to add pattern, color, as well texture. The living room wallpaper ideas can completely change the look of the room, making it a simple but outstanding update.

Nowadays there is a style to suit every home, so there is something out there for the type of living room ideas you are looking for. Putting wallpaper on the walls is no longer the time-consuming job it used to be. And with more and more brands supplying wallpaper as well as paint in amazing shades, giving the living room a fresh makeover is a job that can easily be done.

The wallpaper above the rail
If you like patterned paper but don’t want it to dominate the space, consider the wallpapers. Cover only above the dado rail, keeping the rail itself and painting the lower portion in a complementary tone. This is a great technique for small living room ideas as the pattern won’t be engulfed by covering from the floor to the ceiling.

Intensify the retro room
Right now the mid-century living rooms are having a serious moment, everyone among us has picked up some retro furniture. To enhance the feel of the era chooses a vibrant color print for the living room wallpaper. Yellows, echo the time period and boost the light levels.

Wallpaper the lower half of the walls
Applying wallpaper only on the lower half of the room is a great way to save on cost and will need less material to work with. This is a useful trick if you have a small amount of discontinued wallpaper available.

Reflect your flooring
Work your wallpaper as per the living room flooring ideas for an outstanding finish. Choose a design that reflects some sense of flooring, color, and pattern or texture. Opening up the room will add a cool design element to your simple project.

Co-ordinate with your paint
Choosing a wallpaper doesn’t mean the living room paint ideas aren’t an option too. The two can work beautifully together, especially if you have paneling on your walls, but you want to pair the paper with the correct shade.

Match with window dressing
For a totally coordinated look, match the wallpaper with the living room curtain. It is the ideal way to extend the wallpaper’s chosen design over window dressings and ensure there is no break in the pattern.

A rustic scheme
Using the living room wallpaper ideas to add character to a scheme, for example in rustic living room ideas. Use a unique design to enhance the natural elements of the living room, such as the woodland scene to add character to a living room with open wooden beams and a low ceiling.

Choosing wallpaper in a living room
Before starting wallpapering, make sure you choose a pattern or a design that will enhance the space and the sort of statement that you want for your room.

Whatever wall you choose to apply wallpaper on, be confident in the choice and it can always be repapered or painted if you change your mind.