From indoor to outdoor connections to multi-textured facades, here is a look at what buyers are looking for.

The first thing you see, is the exterior set, the tone of your home before we even set foot inside. It leaves a long-lasting impression, creating a bold appeal that brings pride and increases the value of the home. And that’s why we need to choose designs and features that are both on-trend and timeless which is so important.



Buyers continue to uproar for exteriors that combine the materials and textures to create a diverse look and add dimension. For example, fiber cement siding with stone articulation or blending horizontal siding with vertical side in the gables. In this home, the builder added cedar rainscreen accents, complementing the neutral tone cladding which helps to blend with the property’s natural environment.


Along with going darker combination, the window frames are also getting thinner, and this presages well for homeowners, The love for glass brings in daylight and views while giving the connections with the outdoors. Thinner profiles mean windows can easily be banked together and still preserve the view, this is a less-expensive alternative to the massive window or door units. Along with these windows, builders are including transoms in many two-story rooms, helping the sunlight to infiltrate the space.


The modern style of the farmhouse is a contemporary take on the classic farmhouses, and it has been on trend for a number of years. But we are still seeing its influence as the buyers continue to crave the authenticity and comforting familiarity that it brings with the modern sensibilities of the cleaner, and gives a more contemporary feel. So if you love the black window frames, and vertical sidings, it’s your custom home.


Outdoor space remains high on the list of most of the buyers’ wish lists, as it is the way to expand the home’s footprint as well as create another entertainment and a place for relaxation. Nowadays the outdoor living areas are featuring more indoor amenities, such as lighting, TVs, and ample spaces for sitting, cooking, and dining.


Alongside the outdoor living trends, it is a desire to blend the indoors and out. There is a massive increase in the demand for multi-panel doors that can slide or glide completely out of the way that helping to create a massive, and seamless connection with the outside space. Similar flooring further intensifies this blending.


The one thing that older to younger generations can agree on is, that no one wants to spend their weekends in power washing or restaining the siding. Fortunately, there are a number of exterior cladding materials in the market that offers the authentic look of cedar shake, that resists moisture, and insects, and even avoids getting cracking. Thus keeping low maintenance.