Shingle color matters a lot as it gives external beauty to your home, and now it’s time to pick the color of your shingles. But does it really matter what color you choose? Yes, it does matter and below are some reasons.

Choosing Shingle Color
The first thing in your home that people see is the exterior. And everyone wants it to look nice. The roof is a dominant feature of the home and can be seen from the street and from your neighbors’ homes. And You are going to live with the color you choose for your shingles for many years to come, so it is important that one must put some thought into what you would like.

Climate Conditions of Your Location
The type of climatic conditions you are in potentially will affect the shingle color you choose.  If you live in a climate that is always warm and sunny, you must go with a lighter shingle.  Lighter shingles tend to reflect the sun whereas the darker shingles soak up the sun’s rays and will increase the temperate inside. If you live in a colder climate, a darker shingle will help to keep some warmth inside the home and will also help with melting snow and ice off of the roof during the winters.

Although the color of the shingle will help in different ways, the climate alone should not be the major factor in choosing the color. One must keep in mind that the roof will absorb heat no matter what color shingles you choose and the heat will transfer downward in your house. The main difference in the color you choose is that darker colors will absorb the heat earlier in the day and later in the afternoon than light color shingles.

The Landscape
Another reason to consider choosing a shingle color is the surrounding landscape. If you have trees hanging over your house, or you live in an area where the weather changes frequently. Then, a lighter shingle will show wear more quickly than a darker one, as the darker shingle may become dirty.

Curb Appeal
If you are planning to sell your home, the curb appeal adds value to your home and your roof is a great way to increase the curb appeal. Always try to choose a color that works well with the color of your home and compliment it standing out among the neighbors.  As no-one probably wants to put a reddish-tone roof on your yellow-colored home.  While you might like it, but the neighbors may find it an eyesore and potential buyers may be turned off. For reference look around at other roofs in the neighborhood for which colors work better in your area.  Also, one must keep in mind that shingle color can create important visual effects. Darker-colored shingles help steep roofs look less towering and lighter-colored shingles may help the home to appear taller or give a sense of airiness. Always remember that quality, strong, and visually appealing roofs can add value to your home.

The color of shingles is an important decision to make when having your home roof replaced. The color has a direct impact on your home’s exterior looks and to its value, and sometimes affects how much energy consumption you will need to use to keep the home temperate and maintained. For further call us today and book an appointment.