If you are like those business owners, who probably fear the thought of building permits for new construction. But, from my experience that acquiring a permit for commercial buildings is not only legal, but it’s a sound practice to do. Having the building permit ensures that your building will be constructed with quality work, can withstand the natural elements in a far better way, and is safe for your customers and staff working inside. It’s also important for the proof of insurance claims. 

It is important to note that for commercial building projects, industry experts are recommended for the builder and not by doing yourself to acquire the permit. The contractor who tries to persuade you to get it yourself in order to keep the costs low could show the dishonest reputation they are trying to hide, but if the contractor is good, they will have no problem in acquiring it and always will be transparent with you. If the contractor is part of an experienced design-build firm, then that is even better.  It will be a win-win for you and as well for the firm. Here is why.


As the design-build firm holds the proper permits, they serve as your spokesman to the other contractors when you can’t be there at the job site or in Building Department. As they are well seasoned in processing permits from their past experiences, they will know how to streamline the process and get the plans approved at much faster while still maintaining the quality designs, keeping your intentions in mind. As professionals, they also are able to get it done on time, which saves the hassle and headaches of trying to do everything all on your own.


The party who applies for and obtains the building permit takes the responsibility for completing the entire project. That means if you run into any unexpected problem during the process, it’s up to them to resolve the problem correctly. When you have a design and build firm that is already experienced with the particulars of building codes, you can relax knowing that the job will be done the right way and at the right time, whether it be plumbing, structural specifications, wiring, sound barriers, parking lots, or anything else unexpected that may come up along the way.


As the designer parallelly works with the contractor, the designs are more coordinated with structural integrity in mind. As they are the ones who are aware of which plans are more likely to be approved for permits, which saves the valuable time that could be trying to regroup with contractor and designer and sending plans that got rejected over and over again.

That’s why experienced design-build firms are key players in handling the permits for construction. Contact us today and book an appointment to see how we can assist you with obtaining the building permits.