Stoops are one of the best ways to curb an appeal for your home. It will improve your primary entrance appearance and aesthetic value, even when you are unaware of its importance. People always have a great first impression of your abode and style statement when they see your stoop. Stoops contractors South Texas offers different residential stoop services to homeowners at pocket-friendly prices. 

On the other hand, by adding a portico, the architectural concept of your home will completely get changed and make it look like a new one. Porticos will keep you protected from unwanted snow or rain when you are busy looking for your home keys inside your purse. Porticos contractors South Texas includes more than one decade of experience in residential portico construction and has accomplished numerous projects in this segment. Our specialist and expert team will always exceed your expectations with complete client satisfaction. 

Materials we implement in constructing or repairing stoops and portico

Stoops are the tiny staircases that will connect a home chief door to the walkway to the streets. These are present in single-row houses and complexes for elevated apartments. Porticos are tiny porches that get supported by a column roof. 

To make porticos and stoops more functional and appealing, we implement only the best raw materials for our residential projects. The materials include high-standard pavers, natural stones, and cement for flooring. At DCJ Development LLC, we have a partnership with the best raw material suppliers in the country. Thus we can guarantee that our clients will get only the best and nothing else in all their works. Sometimes clients also demand to use concrete or wood for repairing, replacing, or constructing a new portico and stoop.

Stoops and Porticos

Different Types of Portico Designs DJC Development offers

There are different portico styles porticos contractors South Texas offer to customers, like a classic, modern, Victorian, colonial revival, and more. But besides the above, we are also experts in delivering the following portico designs.

  • Craftsman portico columns over brick
  • Half-moon portico with more than four columns
  • Two portico staircase sets at the porch side
  • Enclosed portico with a roof of faux slate
  • Extended portico with more than six columns
  • Inbuilt seating or benches in the portico
  • A combination of porch and portico
  • Portico that acts like a faux or second level balcony
  • Portico with matching steps and stone piers
  • A wooden or beadboard portico 
  • Portico in the side entrance

Benefits of repairing stoops:

Repairing or replacing sunken concrete stoops and steps will assist you in protecting your home from any violations of municipality building codes, risks of property liability, and costly repair of the foundation. The subgrade strength of your property will influence the concrete structure stability. To prevent any enormous damage to your stoops, you have to repair or replace them. Porticos contractors South Texas implements polyurethane injections for the repairing and raising process of the stoop. It stabilizes the loose soil and offers strong support to the concrete that will never wash out or crack.

How do we install the porticos of a residence?

DCJ Development LLC follows the below portico designing and installation processes. 

  • Porticos contractors South Texas offer new design and elevation drawings to the client for approval before proceeding with the construction
  • Stoops contractors South Texas apply, acquire and pay for all the required electrical and building permits
  • Carefully inspect the current stoop for deciding if underpinning is necessary. 
  • Our team performs the underpinning test for bringing the stop into compliance
  • Frame the complete portico design approved by the customer
  • Do the rough work for electrical labor and material
  • Roof to match the current shingles 
  • Trimming out, painting or staining
  • Check out other inspections for foundation, electrical, and framing

For more knowledge on how stoops contractors South Texas can assist you in creating helpful and visually strong portico and stoop, contact us now!

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