DCJ Development LLC is a reputed company that provides construction services for both residential and commercial structures. The scaffold is an essential part of any multi-level construction and you will need sturdy scaffolding for your construction. We provide scaffolding services to provide safe, temporary access and a platform for all construction, repair, or maintenance work to be performed.

We undertake long-term and short-term scaffolding contracts on a turnkey basis.

Our Scaffolding Process entails:

Scaffolding Estimation:

Scaffolding contractors South Texas discuss with our client, visit the site and determine the scope of work and budget allocation.

Scaffold Erection:

Scaffolding contractors South Texas crew erects the scaffold following all the safety standards. We use high-quality material for the erection of scaffolds to provide strong and safe scaffolds.

Scaffold Dismantling:

We dismantle the scaffold on the completion of the project at the convenience of our clients.

Scaffold Inspection:

We conduct regular scaffold inspections to make sure that it is stable, safe, strong, and reliable before it is put into use.


Scaffold Audits:

After a scaffold is constructed, we conduct an audit to assess its suitability from different perspectives. Scaffolding contractors South Texas ensure that the scaffold is compliant with the height regulations, scaffold design, and operational safety at the client’s site. These audits are conducted as per the needs of the clients. The specific requirements for a project will depend on the client site, type of structure under construction, etc.

Features of our Scaffolding Services:

  • Our scaffolding experts identify the key areas to be addressed for a safe scaffolding excavation system
  • We create from simple to most complex scaffold designs for on-shore and off-shore applications. We focus on safety and excellent user experience for scaffolding.
  • Our competent team focuses on all the design aspects to ensure adequate rigidity, stability, and strength of the scaffold during erection and dismantling.
  • The scaffolds we build are inspected by competent professionals at regular intervals for the entire duration of use until it is dismantled.
  • We train the construction professionals at the client’s site on the proper use of the scaffold. We use scaffold management software to streamline the process.
  • Scaffolding contractors South Texas provides a customized, project-specific management system. This helps minimize the risk of scaffolding accidents. It also helps maintain a high standard of construction and reduces the overall time taken for the project.
  • We cater to the needs of the construction, marine, building, and service sectors. 
  • We offer a wide range of services to assist clients on an end-to-end basis for a project. We provide support to our clients at each stage of the project during the entire life-cycle of the project.
  • Scaffolding contracting services South Texas has a highly trained scaffolding team that has expertise in the start-to-end execution of scaffolding projects for various sectors.
  • We ensure a quick mobilization of men and materials for operational plants during shut-down and maintenance.
  • Our trained crew is available to support our clients at every stage especially during emergencies.

Safety is a critical factor for scaffolding. We ensure that all the safety standards are met and provide a safe environment for working.

We ensure safety by:

  • Setting up safety procedures.
  • Assessing the specific environment, health, and safety risks at the client’s site.
  • Risk assessment of the impact on occupational health and safety.
  • Establish proactive and preventive safety plans and procedures.
  • Design emergency plans and establish emergency procedures.

Highlights of the Scaffolding Services we Offer:

  • Selection of the best scaffold for a specific project.
  • Sound scaffold design.
  • Training the client’s crew.
  • Fall protection
  • Adhering to the guidelines for proper erection, alteration, and dismantling.
  • Regular inspections and audits.
  • Custom-designed scaffolding material that meets the safety standards of the industry.

Scaffolding contracting services South Texas offers a wide range of scaffolding services to cater to the unique needs of clients. Our professional services provide safe and high-quality scaffolds well within the timelines to avoid delays. Scaffolding contracting services South Texas follow all the safety norms to prevent accidents and provide a safe working environment.

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