One of the top names in residential constructions is DCJ Development LLC. Our residential construction experts take care of all aspects of a residential structure including roofing.

We build strong roofing tailored to the needs of the client. The roof of a residential structure is a very important part and it requires high-quality workmanship. Roofing contractors South Texas crew is well-experienced in the construction of residential roofing.

We create a roofing design for a residential project according to the needs of the client. We proceed with the design only after its approval by the client. The design process is followed by planning which entails creating schematics, estimating the materials and quantities required.

Roofing company South Texas ensures that all residential projects adhere to the building codes and local regulations.

The process of constructing residential roofing includes:

If it is a new roof, we install the roof directly on the structure. However, in case the roofing of an existing structure needs to be changed, we remove the existing roof. This can be a tedious process because while tearing off the existing roof all the old shingles need to be removed so that the new roofing does not get damaged.


The next step is the installation of the drip edge to give a great finished look. Besides, it prevents shingles from curing and prevents water from flowing the fascia boards.

After this, we apply underlayment to the deck to restrict ice dams and strong winds from allowing water into the room. We then cover the roof with felt paper to remove water that gets under the shingles. This also enhances the fire rating of the roof.

To create a barrier to prevent water from running between the seams of first shingles, we apply starter shingles. Shingles are installed in an overlapping pattern over the starter shingles.

After the installation of shingles, roofing company South Texas apply flashing around chimneys, windows, and any structure that touches the roof to provide a tight seal around them. We then cap the ridges and sweep off all the debris and seal all the nails.

Once the construction of the roofing is complete, we get it inspected by professionals to ensure that the roof meets all the required standards of construction. We also complete all the paperwork for the project and hand over the documents to our clients at the end of the project.

We create high-quality residential roofing for all types of residential structures. Roofing company South Texas use the best quality material to ensure the construction of sturdy roofs that last longer.

DCJ Development LLC has a team of qualified professionals who are licensed and certified in the field of residential construction. All our team members are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of roofing design.

Our residential construction experts take care of all aspects of residential roofing to ensure that the roof is well sealed and is aesthetically pleasing. Our team of roofing experts recommends the best material for the specific type of roofing required.

We procure the best roofing material from reliable vendors so that there is no compromise on the quality of construction.

Roofing contractors South Texas collaborate with all the stakeholders to ensure that their inputs are considered and implemented in the design.

DCJ Development LLC believes in customer satisfaction and ensures that the project is delivered within the deadlines. We proceed with different stages of roofing construction only after our clients approve our proposal.

We leverage the latest technology in the construction field for a seamless process. These technologies help minimize costs, reduce expenses, and save a lot of time.

The construction teams at DCJ Development LLC have years of experience in constructing different types of roofing for residential projects.

We offer complete transparency in the process providing updates to clients during different stages of construction.

We have successfully completed several residential projects in the past and have built a reputation as roofing experts.

Contact the best roofing experts at DCJ Development LLC to complete different roofing projects.

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