The patios should always be built on a level surface, no matter whatever materials you are using. Uneven surface, crack in the concrete, and pooling the water present in the patio are the primary characteristics of a damaged home patio. So if you are thinking about repairing or constructing a new patio for your home, DCJ Development LLC is the name for it. Well maintained patio will add value to your abode and will add a beautiful place for your family to enjoy the outdoors.

Patio contractors South Texas delivers all the best patio construction services that will convert your dream of having a stunning outdoor space into reality. Our experienced professionals will visit the onsite and note all the repairing and replacement work to get done. All our employees like carpenters, masons for laying cement or brick, or craftsmen doing the finishing touches to the patio are all specialists in their job with years of experience in their respective fields.

Patio Services offered by patio contractors South Texas

The professionals working for our company include highly educated qualified and come with full insurance. Thus whenever someone takes the responsibility of your patio from patio builders contractors South Texas, you can have peace of mind that they will do all the job right on the first go.


All you have to do is appoint us for your patio works, sit back, and relax. The different types of patio builders contractors South Texas services we offer to our clients are as follows.

• Installation of patio cover
• Porch or patio construction
• Installation of Lattice patio cover
• Set up of solid patio cover

Materials We Use for designing a Patio

We implement an extensive product selection to build the client patio to ensure they get what they dream of. Whether you require a stone, concrete, or any other material patio, patio builders contractors South Texas is always there to help you. Below is the list of the most common and popularly used materials by our team.

• Tile
• Cut stone
• Patio pavers
• Sand
• Clay brick
• Flagstone
• Gravel
• Concrete
• Pavement

We use different features in every patio build to give an exclusive look to every project. DIY jobs for patios are not that simple and require a little more knowledge than what might appear to be. All our craftsmen are highly skilled and will create the outdoor living space or the client patio wants.

How do our patio services work?

DCJ Development LLC offers 4 to 6 inches of CR-6 or RC-6 foundation with sand bedding. We install them as per the ICPI standards and deliver correct paver interlocks. We provide commercially graded rebar reinforced with edge resistance, with no lateral migration. Our team offers standard sand with polymeric fills on all patio installations. It will restrict any surface germination and insect presence. Mechanic soil stabilization will make sure about proper compact forces with soil characteristics. We also implement fabric for bad condition soil.

Our organization offers 3D visuals of your home patio during the consultation procedure. It assists the clients in checking out how their patio will look after completion. You can also adjust the design and color for seeing various alternatives to look at how they will be after the installation. Next, your project will get scheduled as per the available time slot. Usually, we complete any patio project within 6 to 8 weeks, but the time is also dependent on the type of work and material availability. Patio contractors South Texas provides at least three years of warranty on the labor works and a lifetime transferable warranty of the manufacturer on the pavers.

To complete the look of your residence with the perfect patio and outdoor living space through DCJ Development LLC. Thus if you are seriously thinking about creating a new patio or repairing the old one for your house, call DCJ Development LLC.

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