DCJ Development LLC are leading contractors who undertake a variety of construction and remodeling projects. We offer innovative flooring designs that can transform your home. We provide customized flooring changes using the best type of flooring material.

Flooring changes can be quite difficult to implement but not for flooring contractors South Texas. We undertake projects that require flooring changes of the entire house or at specific areas in your home.

The flooring material required for different areas of the home varies. For instance, bathrooms and kitchens will require flooring that is waterproof while living rooms and bedrooms will require a different type of flooring. Flooring options vary in material, design, color, features, and cost. We guide our clients in choosing the best material for their homes. We also fix wall-to-wall carpets at your home. The type of flooring in your home sets the tone for its overall appearance. Once the flooring is installed, you can select wall colors, curtains, and other home decor items that blend with the flooring.

We can change the flooring of all the rooms at your home or we can do it for specific rooms/bathrooms according to the needs of our clients.

Here’s how we go about changing the flooring of your home:


Choose the Flooring

Flooring contractors South Texas offer the best flooring options to our clients to select. We offer a choice of colors, designs, materials based on the budget of our clients. Choice of flooring is a vital aspect of the decor of your home. This is because flooring is a permanent fixture that cannot be changed frequently. Therefore, you will need to give it some thought before you select flooring for your home. Some factors to be considered are how long-lasting your flooring must be? Whether you have pets at home or not, etc.

Visit your Home

We visit the home of our client to review the areas in your home that require flooring changes. Flooring contractors South Texas team takes measurements where changes are needed. We also assess if any additional installation is required.

Personalized Quotes

We send you a personalized quote indicating the scope of work and the related expenses. Flooring companies South Texas make necessary changes in the quotation as required by the client.

Material Procurement

Once the quote is finalized, we procure high-quality materials such as flooring material, sealants, joint fillers, etc. for completion of the project. We purchase materials from reputed vendors. The quality of materials used for the installation of flooring determines its durability.

Removing the Existing Flooring

We first remove the existing flooring of the area where the flooring needs to be changed. We then clear the floor.

Flooring companies South Texas also offer several options in case you want the new flooring to be installed on your existing flooring.


Before the installation of flooring, we apply waterproofing material on the floor. Installation of the flooring can be done quite quickly. However, preparing the floor for installation may take longer. Flooring companies South Texas have an experienced crew for the installation of flooring. We affix the flooring tiles securely with the help of joint fillers, sealants, etc. The craftsmanship of our team provides a great finish to the floor.

Why Choose DCJ Development LLC for Remodeling Flooring?

We have experienced teams that specialize in specific types of remodeling.

We use only high-grade material to remodel your floor.

Our professional team works closely with the client and guides them in the selection of the flooring.

We have years of experience in flooring renovation and have worked for several clients across the globe.

We use the best tools and equipment for the installation of flooring in your home.

Our team installs the flooring with great accuracy and provides a good finishing to your floor.

We have built a reputation for ourselves in the field of construction and renovation.

We ensure timely delivery of projects.

We provide customized flooring installation for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more!

Flooring companies South Texas provide cost-effective flooring solutions to our clients.

DCJ Development LLC provides a hassle-free remodeling process for your home. We transform your home with the best floor remodeling services. Connect with our team to give your home a brand new look!

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