DCJ development LLC is a well-known name in the brick pointing or repointing sector in the city. For the past nine years, we have taken care of all the residential brick pointing projects and offered the customers the best results. Our entire team takes our work seriously, and it reflects in the superior standard of work that we have delivered in the past projects. Brick pointing contractors South Texas primary goal is to offer every client the best customer service and workmanship.

Our completed projects have been sustained for years with no damage or repair. All our highly qualified craftsmanship will withstand all the problems and improve the architectural aspects of the residential building. Thus if you want to include your house in the list of all the stunning cityscapes and skylines, then DCJ development LLC is the company to contact.

Different Types of our Residential Brick Pointing Services

Brick pointing services is the procedure of eliminating degrading mortar from the cracks and the joints of the brick and replacing them with new ones. Our highly knowledgeable professional team and highly superior craftsmen will restore the visual beauty and improve the masonry’s physical integrity. Brick pointing contractors South Texas employees will replace the broken bricks with color-matched bricks for delivering quality construction for your abode. The different residential brick pointing services that we offer are as follows.

Brick Pointing

● Flush Pointing

In flush pointing, brick grinding contractors South Texas presses the mortar harder in the raked joints with the masonry unit edge. They trim the brick edges with a trowel and offer improved durability. It resists the space provision for water, dust, and more. That is why this method is the most common one among the others.

● Recessed Pointing

In recessed pointing, the experts press back the mortar 5 mm from the edges. The face of the mortar is placed vertically with the help of a tool. It delivers an outstanding appearance to the structure.

● Beaded Pointing

Beaded pointing includes iron or steel with a concave edge. It is beautiful to look at but is less durable compared to others.

● Struck Pointing

Struck pointing is a modified version of flush pointing. In this type, the pointing is present in an inclined position with the upper edge pressed 10 mm inside the face, which can drain the water.

● Grooved, Rubbed, or keyed pointing.

The craftsmen of brick grinding contractors South Texas form the groove in the mid-height with the assistance of a pointing tool.

● Weathered Pointing

Weathered pointing is formed by creating a projection in the v-shape form.

Reasons to trust brick pointing contractors South Texas with Residential brick pointing works

When it is the question of getting the best quality brick pointing works, you can rely on DCJ development LLC for getting the job done on time. We always take all our client work seriously and are honored and proud to be one of the renowned specialists in the industry. We work with residential clients on their projects to achieve their goals and complete their dream projects with a fixed budget.

Here at brick grinding contractors South Texas, the employees include the necessary skills, training, and experience to take care of every brick pointing works. We also offer brick repointing services when your bricks have been damaged or weathered down over the years. It will create a void between the brick joints. As a result of this, there will be water leakage inside your house, apart from looking shoddy. This hazard will compromise and weaken the wall’s structural integrity, chimney, and more. With the help of our professional and warranted brick pointing services, you can be rest assured to have a stable structure for many more years to come.

So call us today for more information on brick grinding contractors South Texas and allow us to take care of all your requirements with complete precision and skill.

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