DCJ Development LLC is a reputed name in residential construction. We undertake new residential construction and home renovation projects. We also provide partial renovation services like kitchen or bathroom remodeling, and more! We have specialists for each type of construction project.

Bathroom remodeling contractors South Texas provide bathroom remodeling services to transform your bathroom and enhance its appearance. A bathroom may be remodeled for a variety of reasons. It may have become too old, the fixtures and fittings might not be working well, there may be issues with the plumbing or electrical wiring, or you make just want a new look for your bathroom. Whatever your reason, DCJ Development LLC will create the best bathroom designs for your home.

DCJ Development LLC offers bathroom remodeling services that include:

Custom Bathrooms

We modify your existing bathroom according to your needs. Our experts suggest bathroom layouts and designs according to the purpose, location, and space availability. The design specifications will vary according to its location. For instance, the design of an attached bathroom will differ from a common one or a powder room. Bathroom remodeling contractors South Texas also consider the appearance of the home and recommend bathroom designs that blend with your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

Floor Plan

As far as possible, we try to use the existing plumbing and electrical wiring when we remodel the bathroom. However, if for some reason we are unable to use them, we try to make the plumbing connections and wiring as close to the existing ones as possible. Bathroom finishing contractors South Texas install new plumbing and electrical wiring only if we cannot use the pre-existing one.

Design Specifications

We develop the layout and decide the placement of different items like the sink, toilet, bathtub, etc. in the available space. We replace existing sinks, toilets, faucets, etc. with new ones of the latest designs to give your bathroom a contemporary look. We also design various aspects of the bathroom. For instance, we pay attention to details like the type of bathtub, shower curtains/glass doors to be used, etc. in the bathroom. We provide a storage area in the bathroom if needed.

Ventilation Design

One of the most neglected aspects of bathroom design is ventilation. Adequate ventilation is essential to prevent the buildup of mildew or mold. Besides, ventilation also helps provide better air circulation in the bathroom and keeps the bathroom fresh.

Materials Required

Standard materials required in a bathroom include:


Bathroom finishing contractors South Texas build countertops with the best materials like quartz, asphalt, etc. We provide countertops that are attractive and long-lasting.


We use the latest LED lighting for your bathroom. This not only beautifies your bathroom but also provides a bright light with low power consumption.


Bathroom finishing contractors South Texas build cabinets from high-quality wood and use the best-in-class fixtures and hinges. Your bathroom cabinets will be waterproof and all the fittings are rust-proof. All the materials we use are long-lasting.


We use stylish and durable tiles to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. We usually select porcelain, ceramic, or stone tiles for upgrading your bathroom.

We provide high-quality fixtures for sinks and baths that blend well with the interiors of your bathroom.

Waterproofing material:

We use superior quality material for waterproofing so that your bathroom has no leakage for years to come.

Once the design is finalized, bathroom remodeling contractors South Texas procure high-quality material from reputed vendors for remodeling your bathroom.

The color schemes used, tiles, and cabinet designs are all selected only after the final approval by our clients.

DCJ Development LLC provides futuristic bathroom designs that increase the worth of your property for resale. These designs also give your home a trendy look.

We have years of experience in remodeling bathrooms and bathroom remodeling contractors South Texas offer only the best bathroom designs within your specified budget.

Our team ensures timely delivery of projects and we will complete the remodeling of your bathroom within the stipulated timelines.

If you want your bathroom to be remodeled, connect with the experienced team at DCJ Development LLC for the latest, trendy bathroom designs!

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