DCJ Development LLC is a trusted name in the construction field. Whether you are looking for fresh construction or looking to renovate an existing one, we have expertise in both. We remodel any section of your home, kitchen, bathroom, basement, and more. Basement remodeling is one of our areas of specialization.

We know that basement remodeling can be tedious, and homeowners tend to put it off because of the effort and cost. But we make it a hassle-free process for homeowners. Basement remodeling contractors South Texas creates a step-by-step process for remodeling your basement.

Basement remodeling by DCJ Development LLC not only imparts a fresh new look to your basement but also increases the worth of your home. Basement remodeling contractors South Texas redesign your basement to make it more versatile.

Our basement remodeling process entails:

Understanding the Needs of our Clients

We work with our clients to understand their purpose behind remodeling the basement whether you want the remodeling for self-use or for increasing its worth for sale in the market. We understand what changes they would like in their basement. We also recommend changes that will enhance the worth of the basement.

Basement Remodeling

Basement finishing contractors South Texas also takes note of the budget allocated for the project and ensures that we adhere to it.


Based on the needs of our clients we design the basement. We check the space availability and plan the layout. For instance, if our client wishes to convert their basement into a home gym, we assess what gym equipment can be placed in the gym and where. Or, if you wish to convert your basement into a library, we decide how the books will be kept and the seating arrangement in the available space, type of furniture to be used, and more. We focus on the aesthetics and space utilization aspects of remodeling your basement.

We also estimate the time required for the completion of the project.

Material Procurement

Based on the extent of remodeling required, we prepare a list of materials required. You may want minor alterations or may want major changes in the basement including changes in flooring, etc.

The materials required for the basement will depend entirely on the changes envisaged. In most cases, painting might be an essential aspect of remodeling. Besides, if flooring changes are required, then waterproofing material, flooring to be used, etc. are some areas to focus on while procuring material.

Other materials required for basement remodeling will depend on the specific needs of the client. If the basement is remodeled as a gym, gym equipment will need to be procured. In case you are converting it into a library, you might need a bookcase, comfortable seating, etc. Alternatively, if you plan to convert it into a gaming room, you will require material accordingly.

Basement finishing contractors South Texas procure high-quality material from reliable vendors to ensure that they last long.


After the materials are procured, we assign tasks to different teams for the project. There is a project manager who supervises and coordinates the work. We break the entire project into smaller bits and specify the timelines for each part.


All times work in tandem to ensure the timely completion of the project.

Once the construction is complete we hand over all the design documents to the client.

Basement finishing contractors South Texas has the best construction specialists to undertake different types of projects. We offer high-quality workmanship and use durable material for remodeling your basement.

We have a proven track record of having worked with multiple clients over the years.

All the members of our professional teams are certified and well-experienced in the field and have successfully completed several basement redesign projects.

We remodel your basement to enhance its appearance and utility. We arrange all the materials in the basement in the gym so that they are aesthetically pleasing and well laid out.

If you are thinking of remodeling your basement but putting it aside because of the complexity, connect with the experts at basement remodeling contractors South Texas! We will simplify the task and beautify your basement!

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