DCJ Development LLC has a team of experienced construction professionals who specialize in the new construction of commercial buildings/spaces. We have a proven track record of successful construction of commercial spaces.

We offer turnkey custom commercial construction South Texas for new commercial spaces. We start with the conceptualization stage until the completion of the structure/space.

We take care of all aspects of construction from start to finish. Our teams collaborate and create a stepwise process for the construction of the project defining the timelines for each step. We adhere to these timelines and ensure timely delivery of projects for all our clients.

Our custom commercial construction South Texas process begins with understanding the needs and goals of the commercial project. We help our clients in picking the best location for your commercial space after a detailed analysis of the physical environment of the project. For instance, for the construction of a shopping mall or office space, we focus on aspects such as client access, availability of parking space, and friendly amenities for pedestrians, and more.

Our team creates sketches that reflect the basic concepts of design. We provide schematics with details including material specifics, sizes, textures, and colors of the structure. This helps in the assessment of the budget and accurate estimate of the timelines for project completion. Schematics also include civil site plans, detailed floor plans, room plans, building sections, elevations, and other such details.

Commercial New Construction

DCJ Development LLC focuses on all aspects of the design of custom commercial construction South Texas such as aesthetics of the space, tenant satisfaction, and foot traffic. Our commercial structure design includes an outline of the sizes and functions of different rooms and common areas.

Top commercial construction companies South Texas includes building on the schematic designs. We fine-tune aspects such as materials, structural features including locations of windows and doors, etc.

Based on the building orientation and functionality we determine the connection for various utility systems. Top commercial construction companies South Texas provide a centralized network for operating all commercial construction infrastructure. We layout a pattern of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc. for different office/retail spaces, and shared public areas. The network is created such that it serves the specific needs of individual tenants.

We then create working drawings based on all aspects of design. Our team provides specifications with details such as installation methods and expected outcomes.

Next is the pre-construction stage during which we obtain the essential permits, insurance requirements, etc. We conduct soil testing and environmental investigation to limit hazards and avoid complications associated with the construction.

Construction starts with excavation and installation of all the underground utilities. Then we follow all the design specifications and construct the structure. We break down the project into smaller bits and specify the timelines for different stages.

Once the construction is completed, top commercial construction companies South Texas conduct project analysis and create a list of work that does not comply with the construction specifications. We identify the minor issues with the construction and correct them before the building occupancy.

We also offer post-construction support if required for the client.

DCJ Development LLC adheres to the building codes and regulations about commercial construction.

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