If you looking for an additional living room in your abode, but are not interested in creating anything new above or behind, then the best solution might be right underneath your feet. Yes, that’s correct, you can convert your basement into an extra living space for your kids as well as for guests. Since basement renovation is a massive investment, hence you should hire only the top Basement Finishing Contractors McAllen TX. DCJ Development LLC hires only licensed subcontractors and contractors to complete your project within the provided schedule and budget.

We consider every project with equal significance whether it is big or small. Our organization believes that each client deserves some luxury. That is why we implement only the high-standard materials present in the market to deliver outstanding results.

Reasons for Renovating Your Basement

Most of the time, we use basements for storing old and unwanted items in our house. The basements are always cold and dark. However, you can convert your basement into a variety of spaces (as given below) and make it more stylish and productive thus allowing you to use every corner of your home to its complete capacity.

Basement Remodeling

Types Of Basement Remodeling

Guest bedroom
You can enhance your property and even increase its reselling value by creating a relaxing and comfortable bedroom for your guests in your basemen which gives you an additional room in your home.

Entertainment/Game Room
What’s more welcoming and warming than creating a game or entertainment room in your basement by remodeling its floor and walls making it look more alive. You can also add cabinets, a soundbar, a projector, entertainment, and gaming systems.

Home office
COVID has made your home into an office, thus having an additional space for working from home can be a boon for many people to improve their productivity and focus. DCJ Development LLC, being one of the Basement Remodeling Contractors McAllen TX, updates the floor, cabinets, and insulation of the basement for delivering a perfect home office.

Creating a bright space by adding a rubber floor will convert your basement into your favorite workout aerobics or gym room.

A wine cellar or wet bar
Our specialist Basement Finishing Contractors McAllen TX can assist you in creating a welcoming and climate-controlled wine cellar, wet bar, or a customized pub with a pool table. You can enjoy it for many years in the future.

Special space
You can also convert your basement into a customized craft room, home theater room, spa room, or more to relax a bit during your leisure time. Our experts in Basement Remodeling Contractors McAllen TX, make the basement your 2nd space which gives peace of mind.

Different Basement Remodeling Services by DCJ Development:

DCJ Development LLC is one of the pioneering Basement Remodeling Contractors McAllen TX offering the following renovation services for your basement.

Water leakages in basements are quite often, which can be dangerous for the entire house structure sitting over it. Our team provides a crystalline waterproofing technique for the basement, which is unique in Texas.

Penetration of water
Penetration of water into your basement through the sunken zones, garage, slabs, etc, can weaken your home foundation, and the results can be havoc. Our team of experts can identify the weak spots for water penetration and take care of them by waterproofing the basement.

Inspection of Basement
An inspector will visit your basement and recognize the cracks and damages that need repair. The inspector can also suggest the best way to convert your basement into another room.

After the damages are identified by certified Basement Finishing Contractors McAllen TX, they will take care of the repairing process. We implement only the best materials, latest equipment, and latest technology to deliver world-class service and get the job done.

So if you also want to repair, renovate or remodel your basement, talk to our experts for further information.

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