DCJ Development LLC provides high-quality waterproofing services to prevent water seepage in your homes. Seepage of water into a structure can cause several problems such as the growth of molds or deterioration of the structure. Without waterproofing, the water can seep through the foundation, walls, or even roof. Our residential waterproofing contractors Houston TX provides waterproofing for different parts of your home to protect it from water damage.

Our waterproofing contractors Houston TX assess the condition of the structure and recommend the best material for waterproofing the home.

The materials we use for waterproofing are:

* Cementitious

* Liquid Membrane

* Bituminous

* Bituminous Membrane

* Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

We provide waterproofing services for:

Bathrooms and Toilets: Bathrooms and toilets have plumbing work and pipes carrying water are everywhere. Hence these areas require waterproofing to avoid seepage from walls and floor. Our waterproofing contractors Houston TX provide high-quality waterproofing using liquid or sheet membranes.


Roof: The roof of our homes is exposed to rain and snow and the moisture can seep through the surface and can damage the interior of the home. The waterproofing experts at DCJ Development LLC use a bituminous membrane for waterproofing the roofs to protect them from the impact of rain and snow.

Water tanks: Water tanks are located either underground or overhead. There is a chance of water seeping in from the joints between the pipes and the tank. We provide durable waterproofing services to prevent these leakages. We first saturate the surface with the help of polymer-modified cement-based coating. This is followed by complete waterproof grouting of construction joints using the polymer-modified mortar.

Basement: Basements are quite prone to water seepage because of several reasons. Leakage can occur due to improper drainage systems, the improper slope of the floor, inaccurately installed rain gutters, etc. Our residential waterproofing contractors Houston TX waterproof the interior as well as exterior and repair the drainage system keeping the basement dry and free from leakage.

Swimming pool: Swimming pools are vulnerable to damage because of chlorine and sometimes atmospheric conditions. They need waterproofing on the vertical and horizontal surfaces. We provide waterproofing using epoxy-cement systems that create a resistant layer against the counter pressure.

We provide preliminary preparation of the surface before waterproofing can be done.

The preliminary preparation includes:

* Cleaning the surface where waterproofing is to be applied.
* Our waterproofing experts then examine the surface.
* We check and renovate joints and walls.
* We waterproof the joints and drains.

Our residential waterproofing contractors Houston TX follow the below process for waterproofing the area:

1.) We clean the surface on which waterproofing has to be applied. We remove all the dirt, dust, oil, etc., on the surface and prepare it for waterproofing.

2.) We apply the primary coat on the surface which needs to be waterproofed.

3.) Our waterproofing contractors Houston TX unroll the membrane sheets over the surface where waterproofing is to be applied.

4.) We burn off the film on the underside surface of the membrane. This prepares the membrane for bonding with the concrete surface where waterproofing is to be applied.

5.) We press the membrane to bond with the surface of the concrete.

6.) We check the waterproofing for any type of leaks and take corrective action if required.

DCJ Development LLC has many years of experience in providing waterproofing solutions in different areas of your residence to keep it free from damage due to water leakage. We use high-grade material and maintain high standards of workmanship to provide long-lasting and durable waterproofing!

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