DCJ Development LLC is one of the most reputable fencing contractors in Houston TX. We provide multiple services for different types of commercial and residential projects. We undertake turnkey projects wherein we build the structures from scratch. We also provide renovation and repair services. We have professionals who are specialized in a specific type of construction. Our vinyl fence contractors Houston TX provide installation as well as repair for vinyl fencing.

A fence helps in marking the boundaries of the property and increases the value as well as the safety of your home. We install the fence using materials as required by our clients.

We provide installation, repair, and maintenance of the below category of the fence:

*Wood fence
*Vinyl fence
*PVC fence
*Wrought Iron fence
*Aluminum fences

Our fencing services include:

*Installation of Fence Gate
*Maintenance and Repair
*Installation of Fence
*Fence Design
*Marking the Boundaries

Vinyl and Wood Fences

How do we work?

*Our fence contractors visit your premises and assess the requirements.
*We suggest the best material for the fence at your location.
*We prepare the design based on your specific needs.
*On approval of the design, we indicate the cost and timeline for completion of the project.
*We assign a team for the project.
*We procure the material from our reputed vendors.
*We install the fence.

Services provided by our Vinyl Fence Contractors Houston TX:

Installation: We install a vinyl fence at your residence using high-quality material. Our team is experienced and skilled in the installation of vinyl fences.

Repair: In case your existing vinyl fence requires any repairs, our skilled vinyl fence contractors Houston TX will visit your site and repair the fence within no time.

Replacement: In case you want your existing fence needs to be replaced by a new one, we will design and install it. We remove the old fence and clear all the debris from the site.

Maintenance: Our regular maintenance services include the removal of debris such as weeds, rocks, etc. from the fence perimeter. We clean the vinyl fence with mild soap solution or light-power cleaning.

What our Wood Fence Contractors Houston TX can do for you?

* There are several options in wood for building the wood fence. Our experts suggest the best type of wood for installing the fence at your home. The recommendation of wood depends on the type of environment, aesthetic appeal, and budget for the project.

* We then design the wooden fence and procure high-quality material for the installation of the fence.

* We paint the wood fence using high-quality paint that is aesthetically pleasing and makes wood long-lasting.

* Our wood fence contractors Houston TX provide repair services for your wooden fence. We repair the broken boards, loose hinges, and posts to ensure that your fence remains in a good condition.

* We also provide replacement services wherein we remove the existing fence, clear the debris, and install the new fence as per the client’s needs.

* Our regular maintenance services include removal of debris from the fence perimeter, protecting the wood from termites and avoiding further damage, removal of peeling paint, and refinishing of the wooden surfaces if required.

DCJ Development LLC has an experienced team of professionals for installation, repair, and maintenance who specializes in different types of fence material. We are a certified and insured wood fence contractors Houston TX with years of experience in this field.

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