DCJ Development LLC is one of the best stucco siding contractors in Houston TX. Our high standards and skilled workmanship of work made us exceptional contractors.

We provide stucco installation and repair services for both residential as well as commercial structures. The Stucco installed over homes is made of concrete or wood and it improves the aesthetics while providing protection to the structure from moisture.

Our range of services includes:

Stucco Repair: We make sure that the walls are structurally sound with no hidden problems before the repair work starts. We use high-grade cement for plastering. Our team ensures that the wall remains sturdy if exposed to moisture, snow, or rain.

Stucco Installation: The home siding contractors Houston TX install stucco siding on the exterior of your home using high-grade cement and sand. There are many options in stucco home exteriors such as pebbled, sweeping swirls, etc. The stucco installation process is different for concrete homes and wood-framed homes. We have the expertise for installing stuccos in all types of structures.

Stucco Removal: If there is a problem with the wall where the stucco is installed or the stucco develops cracks, or you wish to change the stucco siding of your home, our stucco siding contractors Houston TX will remove the existing stucco. We also clear the debris after the removal of the existing stucco.

Stucco Patching: Stuccos usually last for a long time. However, cracks develop in the stucco, Hence allowing moisture to seep in damaging the interior surfaces. It is also possible that pieces of stucco break free from the wood or metal lath to which it adheres. In such cases, our stucco siding contractors Houston TX provide stucco patching services. Stucco patching makes it necessary to remove the old material and install new building paper and metal lath.

Stucco and Home Siding
  • Stucco Crack Repair: Although stuccos have a long life, there is a possibility that stuccos develop cracks. These cracks let water in and cause further damage to the underlying surfaces. We provide stucco crack repair services. Our home siding contractors Houston TX will visit your home and assess the type of crack and evaluate the condition of the existing structure and accordingly repair the crack.Stucco Chimney Repair: Our stucco siding contractors Houston TX visit your home and evaluate the extent of damage to the chimney and offer the chimney repair services accordingly.

    What Makes DCJ Development LLC the Best Stucco Siding Contractors Houston TX?


    We have a team of experienced professionals for stucco installation and its repair. Our team installs stuccos from scratch. In case your existing stucco is cracked or damaged, our professionals will repair it. We diagnose the reason that causes the cracking or damage of the stucco and repairs it accordingly.


    We have expertise in the installation and repair of stucco on concrete and wooden walls. We assess the type of crack in the stucco and provide our repair services accordingly.

    High-quality Material

    We always use high-grade material for stucco installation and repair to ensure that the stucco is durable and long-lasting.


    Our home siding contractors Houston TX offers cost-effective services for stucco installation and repair.

    Connect with DCJ Development today for the best stucco siding installation and repair services.

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