The DCJ Development LLC is one of the best scaffolding contractors in Houston TX. We provide high-quality scaffolding services that ensure your construction project is completed seamlessly.

High-quality scaffolding is essential for safe construction that prevents accidents at the worksite. Scaffolding helps in completing the projects easily and quickly.

Our Scaffolding Contracting Services Houston TX Include:

Construction of Scaffolds

We design and build scaffolds for various construction projects. We always maintain high standards for our design and construction of scaffolds. These are safe to use and prevent accidents.

Selection of Scaffolds

There are two types of scaffolds namely suspended and supported. There are multiple variations for each type. It can be quite confusing to select the best one. Our expert scaffolding contractor recommends the best type as per your specific project.

Design Calculations

The various measurements for the construction of scaffolds are critical for their stability and safety. Our scaffolding contractors Houston TX take precise measurements and make accurate calculations for building the scaffolding for your construction project.



Our scaffolding contracting services Houston TX include the installation of the scaffold at the project site to facilitate the construction of the structure.


The workers at the project site need to be trained for the safe usage of the scaffolding. Our scaffolding contractors Houston TX will train the personnel at the construction site on how to use the scaffolding so that it’s safe and efficiently serves the purpose.


Scaffolding at the construction site needs to be inspected from time to time to ensure that it’s functional and adheres to safety standards. We conduct a deep inspection before the start of the project and carry out weekly inspections until the end of the project to ensure that it is safe for use.


Our scaffolding contracting services Houston TX also include the complete removal of the scaffold and its parts after the completion of each project.

Our Working Process Entails:

Step 1: We assign a scaffolding contractor for your project. The assigned contractor has relevant experience for the specific type of project.

Step 2: Our scaffolding contractor Houston TX will visit the site to get a clear understanding and necessary details of the project from the client.

Step 3: They will visit the project site for getting the necessary measurements for building the scaffold.

Step 4: Based on all the above inputs we estimate the material requirements and the cost of building, which includes the installation, and removal of the scaffold.

Step 5: We then design and build the scaffold and install it.

Why Choose Us?

*We are certified and licensed scaffolding contractors.

*Our scaffolding contractors Houston TX has several years of experience in the construction and installation of scaffolds for a variety of projects. We understand the scaffolding needs for specific projects and build scaffolds tailored as per the need of the project.

*Our scaffolding professionals undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the field of scaffolding.

*We use high-grade material for building the scaffolds.

*We ensure complete safety at the project site by carrying out regular inspections to ensure everything is in order.

*We train the workers at the site for the safe usage of scaffolds.

*We have a skilled team that maintains a high standard of work.

*We ensure that the installation and removal of the scaffold are completed as per the project schedule.

DCJ Development LLC provides the best scaffolding contracting services for different construction projects!

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