Water is one of the most powerful forces that can cause some real damage to your home. Even if there is a small leakage left unchecked, it can massively damage the entire structural integrity of your home. If your abode is threatened by water, it is now time to take immediate action with interior and exterior waterproofing. With the help of the best Residential Waterproofing Contractors Corpus Christi TX – DCJ Development LLC, you can accomplish this goal. 

We offer the best waterproofing services for protecting the structure and keeping it dry. It will also help protect the house foundation from any harmful effects due to water leakage. Sometimes water goes inside the house from outside and gets stored in the basement. DCJ Development LLC is a renowned Waterproofing Contractor Corpus Christi TX, who handles your roofing, basement, or other waterproofing problems. 

Different Types of Waterproofing Services by DCJ Development LLC:

DCJ Development LLC is primarily known for its best waterproofing solutions. But we also offer solutions to make the home foundation stronger. The techniques we implement for waterproofing a client property will always keep your structure safe and dry from water damage. Our different waterproofing services include:

  • Exterior waterproofing services

We take different measures like extensions for the drainage system and curtain drain to protect your property from exterior water damage. These measures will solve your water problem and also protect your building. 

  • Interior waterproofing services

Several interior water issues keep recurring time and again. Our various interior waterproofing solutions include caulking, vapor barriers, coating layers, and drainage systems. Based on the circumstances, we will customize the services to meet the perfect requirement of the client.

  • Waterproofing applications

DCJ Development LLC installs below and above grade waterproofing systems to the client. They are as follows.

  • Bentonite rolls and panels
  • Heat welding PVC Membranes
  • Cold applied rubberized asphalt
  • Pavers
  • Water repellents
  • Air, weather, and vapor barriers
  • Hot rubberized asphalt membranes
  • Self-adhering sheet membrane
  • Chemical grouting
  • Insulation
  • Water repellents

Waterproofing coatings

    DCJ Development LLC has years of experience in the aesthetic improvement and residential waterproofing coating installation. 

    • Repellents for clear water
    • Elastomeric wall coatings

      Waterproofing sealants

    • Silicone sealants 
    • Epoxy security sealants
    • Urethane sealants
    • Sound barrier sealants
    • Firestop sealants

      Expansion joints

    • Interior and exterior vertical or horizontal 
    • Seismic horizontal or vertical
    • Parking garages horizontal or vertical

    Being one of the pioneering Residential Waterproofing Contractors Corpus Christi TX, our primary target is to control the excessive damage due to water leakage. We offer the latest and updated measures to provide the best waterproofing solutions to the client. 

    Why are waterproofing services by reputed Waterproofing Contractors in Corpus Christi, TX necessary?

    DCJ Development LLC primarily works on offering expert and knowledgeable services to the local community of Corpus Christi in Texas. We provide outstanding customer service and long-lasting solutions to fix any waterproofing problem-be it small or big. Our waterproofing solution will keep your basement, roof, and your entire house foundation free from any harmful effects and keep it dry. We have a reputed name for complete customer satisfaction as we are committed to doing things right in the correct way. 

    If you also had some water leakage issues, call DCJ Development LLC- one of the most popular Residential Waterproofing Contractors Corpus Christi TX. 

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