The residential construction contractors Corpus Christi TX at DCJ Development LLC convert your dream home into a reality. Our team of professionals undertakes new residential construction projects and remodeling/renovation projects. Our residential construction designs are aesthetically pleasing and increase the worth of your home.

Our residential contractors Corpus Christi TX provide creative designs for your homes. We offer sustainable designs and build smart homes as per the needs of our clients.

Different types of residential construction services we provide:

Turnkey Construction Services: Our residential contractors build Corpus Christi TX undertake the construction of your home from start to finish. We manage all aspects of construction including electrical and plumbing connections, etc.

Remodeling Interiors: DCJ Development LLC has a team of experienced professionals who remodel a part of your home or the entire house. We have specialists for renovating specific areas like kitchens, bathrooms, basement, etc. Our residential construction contractors Corpus Christi TX also make changes in the flooring or ceiling of your home as required.

Exterior Design: We have experts who enhance the curb appeal of your home with creative designs for the exterior of your home. These include landscaping, designing patios, stoops, fencing, driveways, sidewalks.

Completing Projects that are Underway: In case your residential construction project has been left incomplete due to any reason, our residential construction contractors Corpus Christi TX will complete the project for you.

Residential Construction

Our Working Process:

Step 1: Understanding your Needs

Our residential construction contractors Corpus Christi TX spend time with you to understand your ideas, budget, and timelines for the residential construction project.

Step 2: Site Visit

Our experts visit the site where the home needs to be built to assess the available space and limitations of the space in terms of the type of land or legalities, etc.

Step 3: Design

Based on all the above factors, our experts create designs for your home. We make any changes as per your needs in the original design.

Step 4: Procuring the Material

We estimate the material needs for the project. We vet the vendors and place the order with the best vendors.

Step 5: Clearances

We obtain all the clearances for the construction so that we comply with all the legalities of construction. We ensure that all the work proceeds according to the building codes and adheres to all the local laws.

Step 6: Drawings

We prepare the drawings for the construction based on the precise measurements of the site. Our detailed drawings include all the required details that facilitate construction.

Step 7: Identifying Teams

We assign tasks to different teams for construction. We hire subcontractors if required. Our residential contractors Corpus Christi TX specify the timelines for each team.

Step 8: Construction

Different parts of the residential construction project are completed by the teams. We complete the wiring, plumbing, HVAC connections, etc. We complete the interiors and construct the exterior as desired by the clients.

Step 9: Completion of Project

Once the construction of the home is complete, we hand over all the design documents, etc. to our clients.

Why DCJ Development LLC?

  • Experienced teams
  • Innovative designs.
  • Client-focused services.
  • Cost-effective services
  • Budget-friendly designs
  • Comply with laws and building codes
  • Timely completion of projects
  • Use the best quality material for construction
  • Proven track record
  • High-quality constructions that are long-lasting.

Hire the best residential construction contractors Corpus Christi TX, DCJ Development LLC, to build your home!

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