DCJ Development LLC has an experienced team of basement remodeling contractors Corpus Christi TX who can transform your basement.

The basement is often the neglected area in a home. But it is a space with tremendous potential because it can be transformed into any type of room you want. Remodeling the basement shapes it into the desired room at home. Your basement can be a guest room, a gaming room, a library, a study, just about anything. All you need is expert basement finishing contractors Corpus Christi TX to convert the space in your basement into something beautiful.

Basement remodeling work may be simple where superficial revamping might be required or it can be complicated involving major changes like changing the flooring, wiring, plumbing, etc.

DCJ Development LLC is a customer-focused company and we believe in providing construction or remodeling of structures according to the expectations of our clients. Our professional team of basement remodeling contractors Corpus Christi TX visits your home to assess the space availability and the existing features of the basement.

We create designs to build the specific type of room required by our clients. Our designs are created to suit your budget. We renovate the basement using the best quality material. We also recommend designs for your basement. 

Our basement finishing contractors Corpus Christi TX make sure that the work is completed within the stipulated timeframes.

Basement Remodeling

We have been in the field of basement remodeling for several years and have several clients. You can check out our past projects to get an idea about our craftsmanship.

We are certified and insured basement finishing contractors Corpus Christi TX. 

We obtain all the essential permits before starting the work and we adhere to all the building codes when we undertake basement renovation projects.

Our Basement Remodeling Process entails:

  • Our basement remodeling contractors Corpus Christi TX create designs based on the clients’ needs and budgets.
  • We specify the cost of the project.
  • We indicate the timelines for completing the project.
  • We prepare the blueprint for the project.
  • We procure all the material for the basement remodeling.
  • We remove all the existing material from the basement and help you at their disposal if required.
  • Our professional basement finishing contractors Corpus Christi TX work on creating the basement according to the designs.

We provide complete remodeling of the basement including major changes such as:

Repairs: We repair any faults in the existing space including changes in the foundation if required.

Changes in plumbing: If you are planning to convert your basement into an area that requires water connections, we will provide concealed plumbing.

Changes in electrical wiring: In case you are planning to install new electrical fittings or change the existing ones, you might need some changes in the electrical wiring. Our basement remodeling contractors will make the necessary changes accordingly.

Changes in flooring: In case you want to remodel your basement with new flooring, we will strip off the existing flooring and install new flooring. 

Painting: After making all the above changes, we paint the basement to make it look fresh and trendy.

Installation of fittings: We install all electrical and non-electrical fittings in the basement to enhance its appearance.

Adding Furniture and furnishing: We procure and add all the furniture and furnishings required according to the space requirement.

Hire the best basement finishing contractors Corpus Christi TX – DCJ Development LLC to give your basement a brand new look!

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