Having a well-designed and pleasant outdoor area in your home is highly essential. And portico is an area with a roofing system outside the house but connected to its walls. Some people include the portico, and others have stoops leading to the front portion of their home. Stoops are the stairs that connect the street or sidewalk to the porch attached or front. DCJ Development, one of the top portico and Stoops Contractors Brownsville TX, can repair or replace an existing stoop and portico with a professional touch. 

Repair and replacement of portico

Including a well-maintained portico is an outstanding addition to a home to enhance its aesthetic value. However, it remains exposed to several natural elements, such as snow, wind, rain, sun, and more, leading to high wear and tear. After using the portico for many years, the handrails, support posts, and concrete footings become loose, weak, or damaged. The structure might also suffer from drainage issues due to erosion. If you are encountering the above portico problems, worry not. Being one of the reputed Porticos Contractors Brownsville TX, DCJ Development can handle all these problems with no difficulty.

We can recognize the damage and perform the current porch repair to make the portico beautiful, usable, and safe. Our experienced team can also repair fire pits, sitting areas, and many more. In some cases, the portico might be beyond repair and requires a new installation. DCJ Development as a well-known Porticos Contractor Brownsville TX, can also assist you in this.

Stoops and Porticos

Repair and Replacement of Stoops

Stoops enhance the beauty and value of your house. There are numerous materials like manufactured or natural stone, wood, and designs to pick from to make the front portion of your home beautiful. You can also choose from options like solid poured concrete and brick stoop. We suggest numerous alternatives for a durable, long-lasting, and safe stoop for the home based on the height requirements. 

After many years of usage, the stoops will need repair or complete replacement work. DCJ development, one of the best Stoops Contractors Brownsville TX, deliver you numerous alternatives to either repair or install a new stoop. We also install a wooden or metal railing for the stoop to create the required design a client will want. It will offer improved functionality and durability to your property. 

Different Portico and stoop services by DCJ Development

One of the reputed stoop and Porticos Contractors Brownsville TX, DCJ Development LLC, offers the following services to the client.

  • Stucco removal from the entry door in the front
  • Digging up the entire front stoop
  • Frame removal from the concrete stoop height
  • Offer temporary support to the structure
  • Extending the foundation height with concrete or masonry block
  • J bolt installation into the new foundation
  • Sill foam set up
  • Installation of sill plate with new pressure treatment
  • Fill up the necessary frame
  • Installation of plywood sheathing
  • Doweling of the new foundation
  • Pour over the concrete pad
  • Paver and flagstone installation
  • Installation of deck flashing and weep screed detail

We serve every area of Brownsville TX and have numerous clients with complete satisfaction and high ratings. So if you are searching for the best portico and Stoops Contractors Brownsville TX, look no further and call us.

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