DCJ Development LLC is one of the most reputed names for kitchen renovation Brownsville TX. Our professional team transforms your kitchen with skilled craftsmanship. Our kitchen remodeling contractors create extraordinary designs for your kitchen to give it a sparkling new look!

It is also recommended that you assess the purpose behind kitchen remodeling and what you expect from the renovation. This will help you explain to the kitchen remodeling contractor Brownsville TX what exactly you expect.

The DCJ Development LLC kitchen remodeling experts design the kitchen as per your specific needs. We also ascertain that the design and the materials procured remain within the allocated budget. We have experienced professionals who have remodeled several kitchens in the past. A look at our previous projects will give you a clear idea about the quality of our services.

The Working Methodology of DCJ Development LLC for Kitchen Renovation Brownsville TX:

Step 1: Our Kitchen remodeling contractors Brownsville TX spend time with the client to assess his specific expectations.

Step 2: We then visit your premises to assess the feasibility of creating the designs desired by the client.

Step 3: We create designs based on the ideas provided by the client, the feasibility report, and the allocated budget.

Kitchen Remodeling

Step 4: We provide multiple options of kitchen designs for approval.

Step 5: We estimate the exact cost of the project and the expected timelines for completion of the project.

Step 6: On approval, we apply for different building permits for renovation. These include permits for electrical work, plumbing, drainage, etc.

Step 7: We assign teams who will work on the project.

Step 8: We procure the material required for the project.

Step 9: We demolish the existing kitchen. In other words, we remove all the old appliances, existing material, etc. The removal of old material will depend on the extent of renovation desired by the client.

Step 10: After the removal of the existing material, the structural work starts. This begins with building the wooden frameworks for windows, doors, etc. Structural modifications may also entail installing joists to support heavy structures, etc.

Step 11: Structural changes are followed by mechanical rough-in. It includes changes in electrical wiring, plumbing, ducting for HVAC, etc.

Step 12: Once the mechanical, electrical, and HVAC rough-ins have passed the quality tests, the walls and ceilings are built. Walls and ceilings are insulated to protect them from weather changes. Walls and ceilings are primed, painted, and textured.

Step 13: The flooring of the kitchen is installed. There are multiple options of flooring material to choose from. The best option is selected based on suitability and the budget allocated.

Step 14: After the kitchen gets into shape, the next step is installing the countertops. Countertops may be of materials like ceramic tiles, or synthetic materials such as Silestone, Formica, etc. Whatever the material, our kitchen renovation contractors Brownsville TX have the expertise in installation.

Step 15: Next our carpenters build the cabinets and install them.

Step 16: The last step is the installation of fixtures. These include electrical fixtures such as lights, etc., and plumbing fixtures like faucets, etc. The kitchen sink is also installed.

This is the working process of kitchen remodeling contractors Brownsville TX. DCJ Development LLC offers the best kitchen renovation services.

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