Facility expansion is the sort of thing that many companies look forward to and are also afraid of doing at the same time. Obviously, everyone wants their business to do well enough to expand. But, one must know well that every expansion comes up with big changes.

How you should prepare your company for the change of facility expansion. Well, it must start at the very beginning. If you have already thought about what the company will look like 20 years down the line and in your first construction plans you may already have made a good step forward. But if this thought has not come up in your mind before, then it’s never too late. You can still make plans. These are some key rules that will help to guide your company through the process.

Updating Your Staff Early
It is easy to get caught up in the expansion process of your building but never forgets about your company’s most important asset, your people. Whether the expansion involves a more extensive facility or moving to a new location, make sure it should be well staffed in time and from Day One. Human resource experts recommend getting a staffing plan in place for at least four or five months.

Check the Current Condition
Always have a blueprint and financial game plan before starting the expansion. Look for what kind of land you have to work with. Conduct a facility audit to assess the building and its current condition. Does it all meet the building code requirements? If not, then you may need to invest in remodeling the existing structure first. After all the possible areas of renovation are explored, look for the areas that can be improved upon. Which part of the facility needs to handle new growth the most? Can the current electrical, plumbing, and seismic infrastructures handle this kind of workload after the expansion? These are good points to sort out before they even start the facility expansion.

Building From Scratch?
Most of the time it doesn’t happen, but in some cases, it is necessary to take some parts of the building down in order to expand the facility, as think about how this will impact the workers and production outflow in this type of situation. No one wants to hinder the progress of sectional removals and reconstruction even if they are temporary events. Always plan ahead of time, prepare your company for this new change, and bring in a positive attitude that reflects the excitement for this opportunity of growth in the company and the people working.

You must keep in mind that facility expansion will succeed with a little bit of risk and a lot of hard work. With much long-term planning goes into the process that is well worth the effort with the end result. For more details on Facility expansion and to resolve your queries call us today and book an appointment.