Post-construction is the final phase of the construction process for commercial buildings, and it involves more than just clean-up. It consists primarily of the relationship between you and the contractor as they begin the hand-off process, to the new caretaker for the building. This is more involved in the process-oriented. The key things you need to look for here are some Big Things to Know About Post Construction.

The good builder will follow through with the warranty and fix any kind of problems that pop up during post-construction. But if the builder takes time to go for each warranty that covers the building and will explain how they apply to you and is considered an exception. Knowing how your warranties can help to work for you empowers you to manage your new building without any issues.

Regular Checkups
The good thing about a great design-build company is that they will regularly come to see how you are doing with the new building after the construction is over. They will check in periodically with you ensuring that you are as satisfied today as you were happy on day one of your new building.

Facility Expansions Track Records
It is important for you to plan facility expansions early on the construction plans, but how about the builder keeping track of records for them? Some builders do exceptionally well. That is why you must look at the track record of each builder for their reputation on facility expansions. Do the complete homework before you are ready to sign the contract.

Smooth Turnovers
Building companies sometimes deal with frequent turnover of staff, but this should not affect the quality of construction for your new building, let alone following up with the expansions and post-construction work. These turnovers can easily be handled by a good builder company. With their solid training program and company culture in place, they will proudly say that our company has an established system that produces consistent and outstanding results every time the project is completed.

New Projects
The new projects seem a little contradictory during a post-construction phase, but it makes a bigger impact when you think about it. If you are a happy client with how you built and handled the post-construction phase, that is a huge impact on new projects in your facility in the coming future. Whether there is a facility expansion or a new building of their own, the builder must always pay attention to the quality of work to deliver. It will determine whether it is wise to continue moving forward with them or it is time to change.

The Design-Build Partner from Beginning to End. No matter at what stage you are in the construction process of the building, you must feel free to ask the builder questions about what makes our post-construction process different from the rest.

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