Whether you are a homeowner looking to hire a contractor or an architect looking to partner with a builder, we have found some of the most common glitches that cause the delay in completing the projects. These factors will help you to measure and understand how to choose the best contractors to keep the project on track and maximize customer satisfaction.

  1. First meeting with Contractor

The first time you meet a contractor is crucial as you to make yourself clear on your expectations and gain feedback on the project the contractor has completed. If your contractor’s first meeting does not discuss your project’s major elements and does not provide the estimate of the project’s timeline, in that case, there will be misunderstandings which will result to project delays.

We have shortlisted the questions to ask your contractor when meeting for the first time:

*Ask questions like how do I avoid a change in the order?
*How will my project be managed?
*What will be the process of payment look like?
*How can we avoid delays in my project?

  1. Blockers

A blocker is a task whose completion is necessary before the contractor can undertake any other tasks. For example, not receiving city permits on time or dealing with subcontractors who don’t come on time. An experienced project manager will know how to identify and knows how to address each type of blocker.

  1. Poor Management

Inexperienced management is another primary reason for project failure. Managers are responsible for the creation of a project plan that includes all the customer’s requirements and then delivering the project by the planned dates.

  1. Lack of Planning and Standards

When it comes to keeping the projects on time, nothing is more important than having a detailed project plan to work from. New construction companies often face these challenges and do not have enough experience to standardize the process.

As a homeowner or an architect, you should choose a contractor who has already handled multiple projects like yours in the past and offers you a robust project plan that can easily be updated with time as the project moves forward. This also helps the managers to quickly diagnose the potential challenges and solve problems before they become costly delays.

  1. The Labor challenge

A general contractor typically works with several experts for each project. The contractor must hire the best in the field person for each task of the project. For example: Hiring a professional plumber and not a painter for a plumbing task. If the contractor fails to manage the team of specialists and their timelines and schedules, there will be a delay in the project. An experienced contractor will always have a designated crew for all the specified jobs.

If You have questions about how to keep the project on track with your planned schedule. We have all the answers. Get in touch with us to know how can help you make your dream project successful without causing any delay.