A home is the biggest investment you will make in your life, and it’s important to choose your builder with good care. Getting a new home is not just about getting a good price but also deciding on the selections, budgeting constraints, navigating land, and market volatility which makes the designing process and building a custom home both a financial and emotional investment. 

What questions you must ask the builder? Will it matter most for your decision?

Here are some of the things to consider as you choose your options:

Don’t jump directly on price

When people call, the first thing people usually ask is, how much it’s going to cost? Price is always a big factor in making the decision, but no builder can honestly give you an estimated price on an introductory call. With a custom build homes, the cost will be calculated over the course of several meetings as you work through the design decisions and constraints on the property that could impact the budget. Instead, look for a builder who will always keep you informed about how your needs and wants impact your budget and help you navigate options to stay within your comfort zone while still getting what you want.

Don’t feel constricted by floor plans

Homebuyers spend a lot of time looking at the floor plans, trying to determine how they can live. But with a custom home, floor plans workaround with your lifestyle. The in-house design team will take account of a list of factors, from whether you have kids or you are retiring to whether you will be working from home, and build the floor plan around your current and future needs.

Make a list of the right questions

Narrow down your options by determining how the builder manages information and communicates with you. This includes:

How often does the quality inspection take place? 

An experienced builder can easily problems before they happen as they have a system in place for quality inspections throughout the building process, especially when it comes to work done by subcontractors.

Who will be the point of contact? 

There must be a designated contact person to help you through the process as well as progress work. 

Understand the size difference of the company that makes the custom homes

Custom builders are mostly smaller companies compared to production buildings. But it is important to understand what you get with a two-person operation as compared to a team of 20 people. Working with an independent builder feels intimate, but it also can result in inefficiencies, could take more time to build, and there will be less communication because the builder will be managing every aspect of the business and multiple builds at the same time. 

Confidence in your builder comes when you feel like you have been understood, that they have heard your needs and your expectations have been properly addressed. A builder that wants to know you is someone who is going to work well with you and keep you updated. 

Our Mission is to provide a Hassle-free experience and timely delivery of your home.